Jose Mourinho Allegedly Makes Fun of Pep Guardiola Being Bald

Guardiola, Mourinho

There’s not a lot of love between Jose Mourinho and Pep Guardiola, which makes it not that surprising to hear about an alleged remark the Chelsea manager made about the one from Bayern Munich regarding his lack of hair.

The two already had some silly argument about the length of grass at the Nyon Coach Summit, and now, according to El Confidencial, Mourinho has gone a bit below the belt with a remark that has nothing to do with football.

When you enjoy what you do in life you don’t lose your hair, and Guardiola is bald. Pep doesn’t enjoy football.

Well, going bald might not have anything to do with occupation and stress. A lot of the time it’s simply genetics. Guardiola has started going bald during his Barcelona years and stepped down from the manager role after four seasons, citing he felt washed up. Mourinho had a few things to say back then as well, including remarks on Guardiola leaving after not winning the league title and something about how he doesn’t grow tired of managing.

This comes a few days after Jorge Valdano, who had the displeasure of working with Mourinho at Real Madrid in the past, made a comment dissing Mourinho in favor of Guardiola, comparing the two to Mozart (Guardiola) and Antonio Salieri (Mourinho).

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