Jose Mourinho Returns to Trash Talk While Staying With Real Madrid

Jose Mourinho is about to break his golden rule – more than two seasons with the same club. It’s nothing official yet, but it seems those hoping in West London to see their beloved ‘special one’ on the sidelines again are in for a disappointment, as Mourinho is planning on extending his contract with the club.

That’s no mere feat for the 49 year old, who might be changing his ways as he’s getting older and the brighter hairs keep piling up on his head. Two and a half seasons with Porto, three with Chelsea, two with Inter, and he’s about to finish two with Real Madrid. Not a record, but re-signing with the club is certainly big news for the man who has proclaimed more than once he doesn’t like sticking around too long. Mind you, that was after he got canned by Roman Abramovich.

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Jose Mourinho – I am going to sign a new contract with Real Madrid. I would like to have a place in the club’s history. Real Madrid and I share a project and we are going to carry on with it. Being part of this team is a fantastic and unforgettable experience for a manager like me. Madrid is one of the biggest clubs in the world and I feel happy here. I feel they trust me here and I feel I have the complete support of all the directors and fans.

Leading the league by 10 points has kept one of Mourinho’s most annoying features, complaining about Barcelona, away from the public eye. Since the events that took place in August, when Mourinho sunk to an all time low, he’s been rather quiet, even the 3-1 defeat at the league Clasico not getting too much of a reaction from him. He’s been fully committed to showing he has the better side, and it’s been working fine so far.

So after such a long break of letting his mouth take a break, it was time to hit the road again. This time? Barcelona complaining about the referees isn’t to Mourinho’s taste, sensing hypocrisy wherever he points his noise to. Barcelona have gotten screwed more than once, while Real have enjoyed the benefit of the doubt. Sometimes it’s like that. The leading teams get calls to go their way.

Jose Mourinho – There are smarter people than me, who sell a certain image to the media, but at the end of the day, they’re the same as me. They said they don’t talk about referees, but they did and they do. I’m not perfect, I’ve lashed out at the referees before, but we’re all equal.

Mourinho was speaking during the press conference ahead of the Betis game, which could see Real take a temporary 13 point lead at the top of the table. At the current rate, anything but a 3-0 win would be considered a surprise. Mourinho also spoke about why he’s been quiet this season so far. Probably because he keeps winning and gets things to go his way, but he chalks it up to different reasons.

I complain less because it has cost me money in the past. I try to remain calm and not lose my cool.