Jose Mourinho Hates Pepe & Iker Casillas but Loves Diego Lopez & Raphael Varane

It’s always personal for Jose Mourinho, always has been. Probably knowing his time at Real Madrid is coming to an end, he doesn’t mind blasting out at strong dressing room figures like Pepe and Iker Casillas, while praising himself by “supporting” Raphale Varane and Diego Lopez.

His battle with Iker Casillas this season has been the stuff of legends, if you’re interested in gossip. Diego Lopez, according to dry & cut numbers, has been a better choice. Iker Casillas? He’s a good goalkeeper, in certain things, but for Mourinho, personally, he thinks Lopez is the better keeper. And then he goes on about how it’s nothing personal. As if.

Jose Mourinho isn't planning on leaving Real Madrid without offending a few people along the way
Jose Mourinho isn’t planning on leaving Real Madrid without offending a few people along the way

Mourinho has never been challenged by the media and players from his own dressing room like this. While it’s expected to respect the manager at all times, Mourinho lives by a different code than other managers, and didn’t mind blasting his own players, those he didn’t like (Sergio Ramos), through the media, and lost the dressing room, although it didn’t cause Real Madrid to completely fall apart. Only have another disappointing season in both the league and the Champions League.

And now Pepe, who is losing his place in the lineup to Raphael Varane, is no longer Mournho’s man. He criticized Mourinho for benching Casillas, for treating a legendary player like Iker, the way he has this season. It’s clear that both entities will not co-exist together next season. Mourinho has no problem blasting away at Pepe as well, blaming him for being worried about losing his place to a better, younger, faster and stronger 19 year old in Raphael Varane.

There’s always bits of truth to what Jose Mourinho tells the press, but he distorts reality in his own, special way. He has no problem spewing venom at everyone and anything that doesn’t fit his agenda. Who knows, maybe eventually he will stay at Real Madrid, but it seems that his ego won’t let him stay in that place any longer, knowing he’s not as respected as he thinks he should be. The Special one is probably leaving, and burning every possible bridge along the way.