Jose Mourinho is a “Dirty” Winner; Manuel Pellegrini is a Sore Loser

Jose Mourinho, Manuel Pellegrini

It feels as if the Chelsea – Manchester City match, won in the 90th minute by Fernando Torres, was the first really big game of the season, or at least the most emotional we’ve seen in the Premier League so far. Jose Mourinho couldn’t help but get over emotional after the match ended, while Manuel Pellegrini felt slighted, and decided not to shake hands with the Portuguese manager, who he doesn’t really like anyway.

After Torres scored the winner and the referee blew for the final whistle, Mourinho ran to the Manchester City dugout, right in front of the opposing team and jumped into the crowd. Pellegrini didn’t shake hands with Mourinho after the final whistle, instead heading straight to the dressing room.

Not all leagues have the custom of two handshakes – one before the match and one after it. However, the custom in the Premier League is for both handshakes to occur, and whenever a manager decides he’s not going to take part of the “gentleman’s” agreement, it raises an eyebrow or two.

im5pcHylnSOx6 Scenes! Jose Mourinho celebrates with Chelsea fans following Torres last gasp winner [GIF, Video & Pic]

According to Jose Mourinho, he had no intention of infuriating Manchester City personnel by celebrating in front of them, although he has a history of taunting rivals when he’s at his happiest and stingiest all at once.

I think Chelsea are guilty because I want to buy a season ticket for my son and they give season tickets for my son behind the opponent’s dugout. They have to change and give my kid tickets behind my dugout. I went for him, I went for him, I promise that I went for him and next match you will see him there again. This is the drama of the last minute. I beat Manchester City in the last minute with Real Madrid; I slid on my knees and I destroyed my trousers. If they believe that my son is there, great. If they don’t believe, I apologise if they feel I did something wrong. At the end of the game we don’t. In Madrid, normally I never did it so I don’t feel it is a lack of respect. If he was sad because of the result I understand, if he was sad thinking I did something wrong, I accept that too, so no problem.

There’s some history between Pellegrini and Mourinho: The Portuguese manager replaced Pellegrini at Real Madrid in 2010, and the Chilean manager has never really forgotten that, thinking that move was planned while he was still in office. Mourinho’s comments about Pellegrini, degrading his choice of job selection after leaving the Santiago Bernabeu, hasn’t really been forgotten by him as well.

I don’t expect a different way to celebrate from him. It’s normal. No, I didn’t shake his hand. I didn’t want to.

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