Jose Mourinho – Life After Real Madrid

Unless something completely unexpected happens, Jose Mourinho will complete this season with Real Madrid and carry on to being a fourth season with the same team. Penned down till 2016, Mourinho might actually stay with a team for longer than three years for the first time in his career.

But being the person he is (not to mention his relationship with Florentino Perez), a lightning rod for media attention and fan opinion, his name is always linked with the next job. That’s the way it always seems for him. When he was in Chelsea, when he was in Inter and ever since he took over the Real Madrid job. It’s always about the next stop for him, as he keeps hinting, and other hint for him, about what he’d love to do next or a bit further down the road.

Because he never seems to be satisfied. He wants more titles in more leagues with more clubs. Doing unprecedented things, being the first to…

Like he said after winning the title with Real Madrid, making him a champion in four different leagues (Portugal, England, Italy, Spain): From now on don’t call me the special one, but call me the only one. That’s not exactly true: Three others (Tomislav Ivić, Ernst Happel, and Giovanni Trapattoni) have accomplished that. But what is true is that he’s the first to win a league title in each of the traditionally three strongest leagues in Europe.

So why not make it four out of four? Jupp Heynckes won’t be staying with Bayern Munich forever. Jose Mourinho doesn’t just take up any challenge. He only goes for teams that offer him a certain kind of comfort: Resources and built in talent. Bayern aren’t going to spend money like his past three clubs, but they still are the best bet for an impressive shopping spree, like Mourinho loves to do when he arrives at a new destination. They are also a club who are very likely to reach the final stages of the Champions League which is also an incentive for Mourinho. Problem? He probably wouldn’t get paid the kind of money he likes to see entering his bank account.

Manchester United is the option people love to talk about. The heir to Alex Ferguson. Even the Sir himself speaks about the subject from time to time. His latest on the matter? I’m not going to put any forecasts on what is going to happen at this club. I won’t last forever, but Jose can manage anywhere, there is no question about that. The only reason Ferguson and Mourinho are suddenly so chummy is due to the fact that they aren’t coaching against each other in the same league anymore.

There’s also a return to Chelsea that people in West London fantasize about, but no one sees Roman Abramovich and Mourinho getting along nicely after the way things ended last time. Liverpool? There’s no chance Mourinho takes a club in their current situation. Too much of a risk, too much rebuilding to do. Maybe in a few more years it’ll look more reasonable, but still highly doubtful.

There’s also the national team option, although it doesn’t look like he’s tired of the club regime, training every day instead of a more spacious schedule most of the time. He’ll get there at some point, like all great managers do, especially with the chance of adding a World Cup or a Euro to his name as an incentive. I wonder what nickname he’ll have by then.

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