The Jose Mourinho Excuses Party Begins

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Well, it was bound to happen. Immediately after their 1-0 loss to Levante, I think everyone was keen on hearing what Jose Mourinho has to say about Real Madrid, how they got screwed, about Barcelona, all in the same whiny tone that has taken over him and his club for over a year now.

Lets start with the ending, shall we? Well, we knew his comments about the referee, saying Javier Turienzo Alvarez fell into Levante’s trap by sending off Khedira and also missing a red card and a penalty, that should have been awarded to Real Madrid. Mourinho also specifically pointed out Khedira for not heeding his warnings regarding Levante’s provocations.

So what if the whole situation began from another badly done dive from Angel Di Maria? Levante are too blame. So what if his players kept arguing with the referee all match, busy with their own provocations? The truth can be bented, twisted, and reality can be adjusted for your own means and goals.

Real Madrid played badly from the first moment. Levante weren’t out to make life easy for Mourinho’s side, and his starting lineup, without Cristiano Ronaldo and Mesut Ozil, failed miserably.

It all began with Pep Guardiola, pretty much serving a smash for Mourinho to handle. And Jose Mourinho couldn’t resist but reply, and maybe fall himself into a trap. Prior to Barcelona’s game over Osasuna, Guardiola spoke about Barcelona’s chances in 2011-2012, saying that there’s no guarantee that Barcelona will win everything each year and they could come out empty handed from this season and he never promised a title every year. You know the score.

Well, Mourinho just had, had to say something back. He saw Guardiola lowering expectations, and had to drop them to basement level himself – We’ll fight to stay away from relegation this season. Until we reach 40 points, our goal is survival. Once we reach 40, we’ll find new goals. His attempt to gear up his men for rough outing against Levante failed miserably.

It’s tiresome, but it’s fun. I always wonder if Mourinho prepares losing arguments during the game or thinks about them while walking off the pitch? It’s pathetic, but it’s funny. The conspiracy theory card has yet to be used, but it’s very early in the season, only September. We’ll know much more after the first Clasico. Real Madrid, as always, have a huge chance of winning. Problem is, they focus too much, as does their manager, on everything around the game and the referee and provocations while playing. Not enough on the football, like against Levante.