Jose Mourinho Suggests Real Madrid Exit to Chelsea

If there is something Jose Mourinho loves to do, it is sending out vague messages regarding his future at Real Madrid, making alleged hints at a possible return to a club he’s already managed for in the past. With Porto out of the question and Inter looking like a very unlikely possibility, that only leaves us with Chelsea, who should be looking for a new (or possibly old) manager by the time this season ends.

It seems that the chances, or at least the rumors about Mourinho staying with Real Madrid fluctuate along with his team’s form. Real Madrid can’t seem to lose a match at the moment, and after beating Barcelona twice and making it out of the clash against Manchester United in the Champions League with a ticket to the quarterfinals, suddenly the talks are of no secret agreement to depart from the club no matter what happens at the end of the season.

Now, it looks a bit different – a Champions League trophy and maybe Real Madrid won’t be so hasty to get rid of Mourinho, although a change at the top of the club, meaning the presidential elections, might have something to do with Mourinho’s future and the identity of the manager in the 2013-2014 season. For now, Mourinho is giving out hints that Chelsea might be his next destination, although few believe that he’s willing to forget about Abramovich sacking him nearly six years ago.

Everyone knows I have an adventurous spirit. It’s not easy for my family. We’ll see what happens. After England, Portugal, Italy and Spain, it’s not easy to find a new destination. It could be a destination where I have coached before. There are things that may be about to happen no one could imagine.