Jose Mourinho Wrongly Complains After Clasico Draw

Jose Mourinho didn’t talk before the match with Barcelona. He let his assistant, former Real Madrid player, Aitor Karanka, do the talking. Mourinho couldn’t contain himself after the match. Raul Albiol got sent off after the penalty he caused, grabbing David Villa on his way to goal. Mourinho had that smile on the bench, that look like he’s getting screwed again by the referees.

For once, I would like to finish a match against Barcelona with 11 players.” He said after the game. I don’t know if he saw the replay, but there was no way Albiol was not getting a red card for his foul. He didn’t even argue with the referee. The Real Madrid players hardly argued. Only Mourinho sprang back to life after the match, after the draw, after finally not losing, after maybe finding some positive things to take for the Champions League clashes.

Jose Mourinho decided to attack the referees again, hoping to put more pressure on the next bloke to fill the position in a Barcelona Real Madrid match. He forgot that he got a gift from the soccer gods, as Marcelo dived while Dani Alves made a clean tackle on him. He forgot about the referee’s gift to him, the ref who hardly saw the event. A ref that calls by the reactions of the players and the crowd, not by what he actually saw if he did see anything.

A draw was better for Barcelona. It kept the perception that they’re the better side and for Real a nearly flawless game is needed to beat Barca. Mourinho knows that, and decided to go on the offensive again, crying wolf. It’s really getting old.

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