Juan Ignacio Chela Presents 10 Ways You Know You’re a WTA Tour Player

Juan Ignacio Chela, the 32 year old Argentinian player, currently ranked 32nd in the world, isn’t about to win any major titles in the near future. In fact, he’s never won anything but six tournaments on the 250 series. So why not have some fun and piss off the women players with a rather funny list, directing most of the malice at Maria Sharapova, if you read between the lines?

It’s not that Chela meant to be bad. He just tweeted this list in an attempt to be funny. The result? It probably depends on your gender somewhat, although I’m pretty confident enough players on the Women’s tour will take it the right way, as a joke. Only channeling his inner David Letterman

10 – It is crucial to produce 100 millimetres of tears a day, on average.

Men cry to, it seems. Probably even more.

9 – The sound when you hit the ball exceeds 1500 decibels.

8 – At some point in your career, you’ll have an acne attack.

7 – Before serving, you turn your back to the court and fix your strings for 20 seconds.

6 – You never practice with other WTA players.

5 – When your coach comes on court to talk to you, you look elsewhere.

4 – You must hang a stuffed animal on your racquet bag.

3 – From the quarterfinals on, you come on court with makeup.

2 – You hate all of your colleagues.

1 – At the end of the match, you wave like Miss Universe.