Juan Manuel Vargas Next on the Liverpool Rumor Mill

After a rough year with Fiorentina, finishign 13th in the Serie A and not scoring a single goal, Juan Manuel Vargas might be looking to move on, with Liverpool, another underachieving club with a bit more in mind, as a highly possible potential destination.

Vargas, who came to Fiorentina as a left back but soon found himself doing much better as a winger or an attacking midfielder due to his incredible left foot, making him one of the best free kick takers and crosses in Italy, if not the best of them, although not according to last season.

Liverpool’s only real change this summer so far has been appointing Swansea’s manager Brendan Rodgers, while also letting of Dirk Kuyt to Turkey and releasing Fabio Aurelio, moving back to Brazil. Signings? None so far. Gylfi Sigurdsson of Hoffenheim looked well on his way to the club, thanks to his connection, through Swansea, with Rodgers, but it appears that Tottenham are currently first in line for the Icelandic midfielder.

For Vargas, as it is for every man trying to sell himself to the highest bidder and to the best possible place, Liverpool are an option, but only an option among a few. He’s not being chased by the continet’s elite, like he was four years ago before choosing to sign with Fiorentina. He was on the verge of making it to Real Madrid, but at the last minute things sorta changed, landing him in Florence for €12 million.

His agent, Jorge Cyterszpiler, makes it clear that Vargas, who has one year left on his contract with Fiorentina, is certainly open to offers, but Liverpool aren’t the only bidder. Malaga have shown real interest in the Peruvian, and the opportunity to play in the Champions League, which Malaga do offer next season, might trump Liverpool’s past and size.

It might also come down to what league Vargas prefers to play in. Here there’s also no real preference, as his agent said Vargas has no problem playing in the Serie A, La Liga or the Premier League. Unless there’s some real monetary difference between the offers (don’t forget Fiorentina are a side in this as well), I usually think that South American players prefer the Latin option of Spain, understandably. Liverpool aren’t that big of a draw as they once were.