Julian Draxler With the Best Goal of the Night in the Champions League

If there was one team that needed a win badly in this round of Champions League matches, it was Schalke, enjoying a fantastic Julian Draxler goal to give them a narrow 1-0 victory over Basel, keeping them on top of their group and hopefully sending the team to a more impressive way in the Bundesliga than their start.

Draxler scored his second goal of the competition in a match Schalke struggled to gain the dominance they had in the first match of the competition against Schalke. With Huntelaar still out of the squad, Schalke are struggling in the league, only two matches from the opening seven, ranking 14th.

However, the brilliant young German, one of the long list of attacking midfielders blossoming in German football at the moment, was the most dangerous player on the pitch, and after one creative attempt to score earlier on didn’t turn out perfectly, his volley in the 54th minute decided the result, deservedly so, and was the best of the goals scored on the day in the Champions League.

Julian Draxler

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