Jurgen Klopp & Mathias Sammer Nearly Fight in Fiery Bayern – Dortmund Appetizer

The second Bundesliga match between Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund wasn’t supposed to be so violent, but hate and rivalry run deep when the two are bound to play each other in the Champions League final. Add a little bit of hate towards Mario Gotze for choosing money (although he grew up in Bavaria) and Rafinha elbowing Jakub Błaszczykowski, you end up with Jurgen Klopp and Mathias Sammer getting a little bit too close to each other, nearly coming to blows.

It’s easy to understand the frustration coming from Dortmund. Mario Gotze, possibly the team’s greatest home grown talent ever, chose to accept the contract from Bayern Munich (a raise of €2 million a season), which will also bring €37 million into the bank account of Dortmund. Bayern have won the league easily, 20 points ahead of Dortmund, and seem to be in a mode of tearing apart anything in their way, including Dortmund, by signing Robert Lewandowski as well.

While the result didn’t really matter, pride does. Dortmund haven’t beaten Bayern Munich this season, losing in the Super Cup and the German Cup. However, in the league, both matches have ended in a 1-1 draw, which means that we might get ready for another 120 minutes match with Bayern in the final.

Klopp and Sammer clash