Juventus – From Robin van Persie to Luis Suarez

Robin van Persie has done the unthinkable. He decided he’ll stay with Arsenal and probably step away from his transfer demands, which changed a lot of projections for a few big clubs in Europe, including Juventus who now turn away their attention from the Dutch striker towards Luis Suarez of Liverpool.

Van Persie hasn’t signed a contract extension, but he has joined the first team training camp and it looks like the moves made by Arsene Wenger in recent week, which at this point sum up to the signing of Santi Cazorla from Malaga, have convinced Van Persie that Arsenal is the club to stay with.

So Juventus already had a contract ready, worth £190,000 a week, or £10 million a season for five years. They also had a £20 million offer ready to launch and for Arsenal to accept. Manchester City have dropped out of the race, according to them. Manchester United are still in it, but it’s more and more clear that there is no race. If Juvnetus are to find another striker, it has to be someone else.

Juventus have already spent quite a lot of money this summer on bringing in players for another run at the Serie A title and hopefully a successful Champion League stint (better than the last one from more than two years ago), but none of the incoming players are strikers, or at least one you can see leading the Juve attack. Juventus want a big name to cement their return to the prime time of European footabll, preferably one who can score goals.

So it’s back to Luis Suarez, despite the untouchable vibe they’re getting from the Liverpool board. If Andy Carroll isn’t for sale, how would you describe Suarez’ situation? Sure, he’s having a rough time in England, but it’s hard to believe Liverpool will let go of their Super talented Uruguayan striker after having him for one and a half seasons.

Suarez is having a hard time with the British crowds, getting jeered wherever he plays, even causing a mini-scandal as fans booed him during the Uruguayan anthem in the Olympic games. I’m sure he’s trying to put the whole Patrice Evra saga behind him, or at least in a way that motivated him and doesn’t drag him down again, but there are plenty of people who won’t let him forget it. From watching how the John Terry thing is going down, Luis Suarez was definitely screwed by the powers to be. I don’t know if there’s a Manchester United conspiracy, but Suarez definitely got the harsh end of the judgement from the FA.

So, Juventus are counting on that. Hoping that Suarez gets sick of playing in England, which will lead the 25 year old to ask for a transfer from Liverpool. He cost the Reds £22.8 million upon his arrival from Ajax, and there’s no chance he’ll be sold for anything less than £25. Are Juventus up for such a transfer fee? Their whole demeanor this summer suggests they are. Problem now is convincing a team that doesn’t want to sell and a player that doesn’t want to leave.