Juventus in Possible Match Fixing Trouble Again

Juventus involved again in corruption allegations? Italian football and the Serie A just can’t get a break, and for known reason. Anything even slightly suspicious that happens is immediately magnified. First it was Napoli’s Morgan De Sanctis and now, with Juventus acting as the lightning bolt, is Arturo Vidal’s penalty against Cesena.

Image: Source

On December 4, Juventus beat Cesena 2-0, with Arturo Vidal scoring the second goal in the 83rd minute via penalty. Cesena’s goalkeeper, Francesco Antonioli was sent off for the foul causing the penalty, and Uruguayan defender Guillermo Rodriguez put on the keeper jersey.

The new footage, or evidence, depends what you believe, is rather weird. Vidal and Rodriguez share a laugh before the kick, although that can be overlooked. The nod Rodriguez gives, possibly suggesting as to where to place the ball, is more cause for alarm.

This isn’t the first time we’ve had allegations of match fixing (again) in the Serie A. Morgan De Sanctis was seen rather frustrated with his team’s fourth goal against Lecce, December 3. When Napoli scored their fourth goal, De Sanctis looked rather frustrated. He and teammates later explained that he was venting out frustration, rather than what was alleged. Still, add two and two together, and who knows what you might find.