Juventus FC – Carlos Tevez is the Best Bargain of the Season

Being champions in the Serie A doesn’t mean you have to spend money like the rest of the big boys in Europe. Juventus have spent more than anyone else in Italy over the last few years, but still, it’s been sensible and smart, with Carlos Tevez, who has scored on his first three appearances for the club, being an excellent example of doing good business.

The Argentine striker did something only Roberto Baggio has managed to do back in 1990, when he made his debut for the club: score a goal in each of his first three appearances for the club. While Baggio ended up winning only one championship, Tevez will be quite happy if he ends up being remembered as fondly as Il Divin’ Codino was among Bianconeri fans.

Somehow, Juventus ended up signing Carlos Tevez for only £10 million from Manchester City. A player City paid £25 million for; a player who scored 58 goals in 107 appearances for them, and managed to rebuild his image from the disastrous place it was in during the title season.

Luck, good connections, and good senses. Tevez was exactly what Juventus needed as they sought to fix their one big problem: A trustworthy striker. They actually brought two of them, with Fernando Lloretne so far spending too much time on the bench, but it seems that the team responded well to the easy to point out problem.

Carlos Tevez

How’s it going so far? Juventus have won their first two matches of the season in the Serie A and three overall, enjoying their meetings with Lazio especially. First in the Supercup, beating the Rome-based side 4-0, and now again in the league in a very impressive 4-1 win, as Tevez scores the fourth and final goal for the champions.

Winning in the Serie A is only the beginning. Juventus want to be dominant in Europe as well. That’s where the big money is, even if the Serie A is the bread & butter. Another top 8 finish is something that’s pretty much a must. Higher than that? It’s hard to say if Juventus are good enough for anything more, especially with Gianluigi Buffon being far less trustworthy than in the past.

But there’s no reason Juventus don’t find themselves in the quarterfinals again, making another statement that a club mentioned as the most popular in Europe during the mid-90’s is back right where it belongs.

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