Juventus FC – Fernando Llorente With a Championship Goal

It might be a bit too soon to crown the next Serie A champions, but there was something special about Fernando Llorente scoring a 90th minute goal for Juventus to give them the dramatic win in another lackluster display, which fit quite perfectly with the results around them, making it seem like it might once again be a Bianconeri season.

Roma managed to salvage a draw against Atalanta, which means that Juventus are right where they’re used to be – on top, with three points between them and Roma. Napoli, a team that has lost to both Roma and Juve, still have a match to play which can lift them to level with the club from the capital, but there doesn’t seem too much belief from anyone regarding Rafa Benitez’ team.

Juventus? The usual. A lot of pressure, plenty of chances, but things look slightly disjointed, rusty and out of place for some reason. No real fluidity once the ball gets to 30 meters from the opponents goal, this time being Udinese.

Fernando Llorente

Fernando Llorente need quite a lot of time (and still does) shedding all the rust from being frozen out by Athletic Bilbao for almost an entire season for daring not to sign a contract. He was never the lightest striker in the world on his feet, but there’s a difference from the striker we’re seeing this season in Turin than the one who was so successful in the La Liga for the last few years.

He’s slowly coming back to himself, and even forming a decent partnership with Carlos Tevez, who mentioned earlier this season that Llorente is the worst player he’s ever partnered with. The cross came from a player that means so much to Juventus, Stephan Lichtsteiner, who has been out for a very long time. Suddenly, crossing into the box becomes and option for Juventus, a pretty good one.

It was the fourth goal this season for Llorente in the Serie A, and it looks like signing him for free was quite the wise decision. It might not have been something that will give Juventus the edge of Bayern Munich who stood in their way a year ago in the Champions League, but it should be enough to maintain and extend their dominance in the Serie A, which is the most important thing.

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