Juventus FC – Paul Pogba Puts Them Back on Track

In a few years from now, Paul Pogba might turn out to be one of the greatest signings Juventus have ever made. At 19 years old, the French midfielder is proving to be more than just a subtle addition to a championship squad, but a player who might already be ready to lead and dominate.

It’s been an up and down road for Pogba, but when he does play well, it seems incredible to many that Manchester United didn’t work harder at trying to sign him on a new contract, instead of letting Juventus poach him away from them. Pogba has played in 13 league matches for Juventus this season, adding two brilliant ones to his tally (4 league goals so far), showing that once he gets chances (only 3 Premier League appearances for United), he is everything they talked about.

While Juventus look for something to take them out of the short slide they’re into, Pogba might be just the answer. While Juve’s midfield play is their strength, it sometimes can be a tad slow and predictable, especially on a bad day from Pirlo or when Claudio Marchisio isn’t playing. Pogba brings in that extra quality of potential that’s hard to harness – his long range shooting and unexpected moves and decisions with the ball.

He still has a few road bumps to get over; on some days he hardly has any kind of influence, especially when he doesn’t touch the ball enough and fades away into the background, which isn’t an easy thing to do for a lad his size. But his creativity and ability with the ball when he feels comfortable in the match from the early goings leave Juventus chiefs more than happy about the free signing they made, about a player who might turn out to be one of Europe’s best midfielders in the next few years.

With the 4-0 win over Udinese, Juventus open a five point lead over second place Lazio and six points over Napoli, although Napoli have a game in hand.

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