Juventus in Match Fixing Problem Again?

After the latest investigation into match fixing by prosecutors in Cremona has mostly dealt with Serie B club, Juventus head coach Antonio Conte has been called into questioning by the police among a number of people in connection with a match-fixing probe in Italy.

There’s more than just questioning – Stefano Mauri (Lazio) and Omar Milanetto (Genoa) have already been arrested in this ongoing investigation. The initial result of another dive into the ugly world of Italian match fixing and football corruption, 17 people were arrested due to their involvement.

The biggest name was Cristiano Doni, former Italian international who has mostly played for Atalanta during his 20 year career. Doni was banned from the sport for three and a half years, hiding behind a car in his garage when he was tipped of the police coming to arrest him. The earlier investigations put Atalanta (deducted six points at the beginning of the season), Novara and Siena at the center of the match fixing scandal.

What began in a look at Serie B and Coppa Italia matches may rise into something more sinister, which has sent Italian football and especially Juventus into a downward spiral that took them and the league quite some time to recover from, if at all.

The police have also made an appearance at Italy’s pre-Euro camp, questioning former Juventus and Genoa defender Domenico Criscito. The Operation, called ‘Last Bet’, is looking into 33 matches from the past two seasons, mostly regarding Serie B and Coppa Italia matches, with officers questioning and searching the homes of 19 players and coaches in various divisions of Italian football.