Juventus vs Milan – Goals & Highlights

Juventus beat AC Milan

Nothing changes in the Serie A, as Juventus pull off another impressive win in a big match, this time 3-1 over AC Milan to take another step towards a fourth consecutive league title while the Rossoneri remain in the middle of the table, going nowhere despite all of the changes they’ve been making over the years.

And that seems to be the key in this league, and why Juventus, but also Napoli and Roma are a bit ahead of the curve. Continuity, and finding a working formula, not trying to mess with it too much. Juventus are still light years away from being actual contenders for the Champions League title, but having Carlos Tevez, Paul Pogba, Arturo Vidal and others remains an incredible successful method of dominating Italian football.

The scoring began in the 14th minute with Carlos Tevez, by far the best striker in Italy these days. Milan equalized in stunning fashion a few minutes later through Luca Antonelli, but Leonardo Bonucci put Juventus back in the lead in the 31st minute and Alvaro Morata scored in the 65th minute to make sure everybody knew it wasn’t a very close match.

Can anything stop Juventus on their way towards a 31st league title (or 33rd, depending on who is counting?), or is this all just a formality? Sure, Juventus aren’t perfect and have already slipped up in unforeseen places, not to mention the ability of Roma to make them look bad. But overall, they remain the most consistent team in this league and overall the best, with quality and strength that seems to be impossible for the rivals to catch up with, especially for a team like Milan (and Inter as well), remaining rivals thanks to history alone.

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