Kaka – From Real Madrid to PSG or Somewhere Else?

Three seasons into his Real Madrid tenure, the rumors around Kaka’s future with the club  keep pointing towards a direction that tells us he might not be staying with the club next season, as it seems his stature with the clubs keeps slipping down the ladder under Jose Mourinho.

It’s not only the injury problems. Mesut Ozil has a firm grip on the attacking midfielder position, and Kaka is resorted to other positions on the wing, which are usually reserved for Cristiano Ronaldo and Angel Di Maria. With every time Kaka comes off the bench, not exactly his favorite way of passing his time, it seems he’s more and more displeased with his position in the club.

Kaka has so far scored 24 goals, with 31 assists, for the club in his three seasons there. Not bad numbers, not at all, but there’s a feeling that they all come at some sort of garbage time, with Kaka never really featuring in the big matches and the important moments. They’re not to keen to get rid of him, having the €68.5 million price tag on him.

So when a player is on a rocky chair, so-to-speak, the rumors and possible new destinations come flying around. Just like Paris Saint-Germain, who obviously have the cash to mount a serious offer for someone who not too long ago was regarded as the best player in the world.

But it’s not just the money – It’s the Brazilian-Milan connection, with Leonardo as the sporting director in Paris, making their return to the Champions League this season, missing out on a league title last year. Carlo Ancelotti is still the head coach with PSG, despite losing the top spot to Montepellier after he took over the HC job. He worked with Kaka in Milan, rather successfully, winning a league title and the Champions League.

Leonardo is of course denying the rumors. PSG are on the verge of signing Napoli’s Ezequiel Lavezzi, and according to the former Brazilian international, there’s no need for Kaka. Obviously, the moment someone denies something like this, you immediately look forward to seeing some kind of progress in the direction.

There is no negotiation. Nothing at all. I have a personal relationship with Kaka and, based on this, everyone talks about a transfer as though it is a possibility. The truth is that, at this time, Kaka is no longer a priority for PSG.

Leonardo said that despite all the money PSG have, there limitations, like the one they showed during the negotiations for Thiago Silva and Carlos Tevez, eventually falling off the rails. However, with Kaka, who isn’t an important part of the setup he’s with right, the rumors of connections and transfers are just going to keep on circling. No denials are going to help, knowing a player of his caliber isn’t a starter for Real Madrid.

Image: Leonardo