Kansas City Chiefs – Drafting Quarterbacks who Can’t Win

Some stats are simply impossible to comprehend, yet they’re still true. The Kansas City Chiefs have drafted 10 quarterbacks since 1987. None of them have won a game for the Chiefs during their careers, and their entire win total sums up at two.

The impressive list consists of Doug Hudson, Danny McManus, Mike Elkins, Matt Blundin, Steve Matthews, Steve Stenstrom, Pat Barnes, James Kilian, Brodie Croyle and Ricky Stanzi.

Doug Hudson is an incredible tale, coming in as the 186th pick in the 1987 draft out of Nicholls State. His career stats tell of one start and one pass thrown incomplete. The rest? fumbling a hand-off in the end zone, recovering it but it was still recorded as a safety. Hudson had a total of five minutes in the NFL before not playing a single game again.\

Danny McManus had a great career in the CFL (throwing for over 50,000 yards) but a forgettable one in the NFL. He never played a single down before moving on north of the border. Mike Elkins, who was drafted in 1989 in the second round out of Wake Forest, got to play in one game, coming off the bench and throwing two passes, completing one of them. His incompletion was an interception.

On to Matt Blundin, who was drafted out of Virginia in 1992. He played twice for the Chiefs over the course of four seasons, finishing with 2-8 for 15 yards and an interception. The Lions gave him a chance in 1997, but he threw only one pass, turning out to be an interception, and also the last of his NFL career. Steve Matthews was drafted by the Chiefs but never played for them. He won a game for the Jacksonville Jaguars in 1997 and played a bit for the Titans in 1998.

Steve Stenstrom is another player to be drafted by the Chiefs but never play for them. The former Stanford quarterback bounced around the NFL for six years, playing for the Bears and the 49ers (while also being a non-playing member of other teams), actually winning a game during his time in Chicago. He played in 17 NFL games, throwing for 4 touchdown passes and 12 interceptions. Pat Barnes played in just one NFL game, not for the Chiefs, but never got to throw a pass. He actually moved around the league from 1997 to 2003 before leaving the NFL for good.

James Kilian was drafted in 2005 as the 229th pick in the 7th round out of Tulsa. He never played for any of the three NFL teams he was a part of, before moving on to other leagues. Brodie Croyle was drafted in 2006. He was actually given quite a few chances to show what he’s got, but in 10 starts for the Chiefs from 2006-2010 he finished with a 0-10 record. He retired seven months ago.

The last on the list of Chiefs quarterbacks without a win is Ricky Stanzi out of Iowa, the 135th pick in the fifth round of the 2011 NFL draft. Stanzi has still not played once for the Chiefs, but he has seen his number changed from #13 to #12. That means his track record has been really poor thus far.

Images: Source H/T – rhinoanon from Reddit