Kansas City Chiefs – Worst Team in NFL History

The 1-6 record makes sure the 2012 version of the Kansas City Chiefs doesn’t go win-less this season, but there’s so just so many things that are wrong with his team apart from having a work horse of a running back in Jamaal Charles, which pretty much ends anything positive about this team.

They have scored only 13 touchdowns this season, none of them by their defense. On the other hand, they’ve turned the ball over 23 times, while forcing only 7 turnovers themselves.

They haven’t had the lead in a game for a single second through the first seven games. Not once. Their win over the New Orleans Saints was an overtime, sudden death win.

They have not scored a touchdown in their opening drive for the last 24 games. On the first possession in the second half, they have turned the ball over 3 consecutive games.

They’ve been outscored 54-3 in the first quarter of games, an average less than 1 point in the first quarter. They’re 8th in the NFL in yards gained this season, but only 30th in scoring. Why? Turnovers, turnovers, turnovers. Their offense gains on average 5.2 yards per play. This results in them averaging a league 4th highest 70+ plays/game average on offense. Romeo Crennel’s defense gives up on average 6.1 yards/play.

And then there’s Arrowhead, which used to be considered as one of the few stadiums in the NFL that gives the team a home advantage regardless of the quality on the field. That stadium and those fans have turned against the team, who were actually cheering when Matt Cassell got hit big time and taken out of the game with an injury. Brady Quinn hasn’t been much of an improvement.

Nothing really changed against the Oakland Raiders. For some reason, Jamaal Charles got only 5 carries, gaining only 2 yards. Why? Even Romeo Crennel didn’t know. If the head coach doesn’t, who’s left to fix the problem?

Two years ago the Chiefs made the postseason, mostly thanks to a weak schedule. Still, there was promise and talent that’s still on this team. Something went wrong along the way, and it’s turned into one of the ugliest shows in the NFL. How much worse can it get? There seems to be some rock bottom that is usually reached at a certain point, but you never know you hit it until you start winning again. Right now, it’s hard to see where that win will come from.

Statistical hat tip Image: Source