Kate Upton, the Sexiest Woman Alive

Kate Upton has to be the sexiest women on earth at the moment. There are no official rankings, but she’s been on overdrive of blasting the web with her photos and videos, which are simply great to watch because A) She’s absolutely perfect and B) She doesn’t take herself too seriously.

A model who knows she’s a model and doesn’t try to be anything else. She has no problem dancing in front of the camera in tiny bikinis; she has no problem getting into wet t-shirts before she goes into the pool. She doesn’t mind being objectified, which is what models do – project beauty in order to sell an image or an item. She does fun stuff with sports teams or just upload goofy videos on youtube.

This golden age doesn’t last forever. At some point, they’ll be another new chick on the block. At some point, maybe she’ll get tired of all this modelling stuff. She’ll move on to acting, or singing, or who knows what. Busniess. But for now, she’s making the most of her best feature – her looks, her face, her body, and spicing it all up with what seems to be the funnest personality out of all the supermodels out there.