Kate Upton is Perfect in Lingerie As Well

Coming back to do another catalogue for Victoria’s Secret is a good enough reason to air out some older picture of the woman many like to refer as to as the sexiest on the planet these days, Kate Upton.

Upton is about to finally hit drinking age in less than a month, and recently made her second consecutive appearance on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit IssueIt’s hard to argue that a bikini brings out the best of her physical features, but she’s quite fun to watch anyway.

Like any model trying to make the most of her best days, Upton is turning more and more towards the film making business, with a couple of appearances already behind her (Tower Heist, the Three Stooges), and will appear in a slightly role for her next movie, coming out in 2014, The Other Woman, starring alongside Cameron Diaz.

Kate Upton Topless

Kate Upton Blue Bra

Kate Upton Dalmatian

Kate Upton

Kate Upton Yellow Bra

Kate Upton Grey Bra

Kate upton Leopard

Kate Upton on the Catalouge

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