Kate Upton, the Sexiest Woman on Planet Earth in 2012

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Why Kate Upton? Well, when SI choose her to be their cover model for the 2012 Swimsuit Issue, who are we to argue? Her meteoric rise which began a year earlier turned into complete domination of the modeling world and of men’s imaginations, also because she has more than a slight connection to sports.

She was actually a junior equestrian champion. While equestrian isn’t the most interesting of sports, this already makes Upton a bit classier and upgraded than your ordinary hot model, and there’s nothing ordinary about her anyway.

There’s the thing with James Harden and Kevin Durant and the Skullcandy earphones, and showing up at ball games doing the Dougie which is part of why she became such a sensation already in 2011 and she’s not that terrible at baseball as well. Like all women, she’s probably much less than perfect once you get to know her. But there’s a 99.99% that’ll never happen, so the fantasy can go on forever, or until she starts losing her looks.