Katy Perry, Sexiest Ripping Off Singer in the World

Did Katy Perry actually do more than just be influenced by Sara Bareilles and her song ‘Brave’ when she decided to record her upcoming single, roar? The truth is, we don’t really care. When she looks like that, she can rip off as many song as she’d like to.

It’s hard to say if Perry is actually super famous for being a great singer, or is she just an OK one that’s build a career on being cute and sexy, while knowing exactly which part of her body to distinguish.

She’s pretty great all over, but from these pictures it’s quite easy to see that no matter what the situation is, she’s very concerned about everyone getting a good glimpse of her cleavage and her breasts, in a non-erotic kind of way.

Katy Perry

Perry, Katy

Bad Katy Perry

Katy Perry singing

Katy Perry Elmo Shirt

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Katy Perry Cleavage

Katy Perry Breasts

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