Kenny Dalglish is the Highest Paid Manager in the Premier League This Season

Not having a job is sometimes better than actually being employed, if you’re Kenny Dalglish, who was sacked by Liverpool at the end of last season, but will still make more money by the end of this season than any other working manager in the English Premier League.

How? According to the recently published Liverpool accounts, the club was forced to pay £9.5 million to Dalglish and his staff after firing them at the end of the 2011-2012 season, which was one big disappointment, as the Carling Cup title became the one source of pride, which is saying something for how badly they did in the league under King Kenny, especially during the second half of the season.

A rumor spread after he was sacked that Dalglish had asked for £8 million of his compensation money be directed towards signing new players, after the expensive purchased during his tenure at the club weren’t exactly of the highest quality or with immediate dividends. Despite the desire to believe the Anfield legend doesn’t care about money, it’s simply not true according to the books. Dalglish wasn’t exactly happy about being fired, and after earning around £3.5 million a season based on his salary, he got more than double the amount as compensation for being fired.

The highest paid working manager in the Premier League is Arsene Wenger, another highly criticized figure, although he’s putting up profits for his club thanks to the “sell-your-best-player-each-season” policy, without bringing in proper replacements.

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