Amir Khan Might Get His Timothy Bradley Fight

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Timothy Bradley, the WBO Light Welterweight champion, isn’t ducking Amir Khan. At least not if you ask him. Amir Khan, the WBA and IBF Light Welterweight champion, with his sights on bigger prizes and bigger weights, might not be even looking at this kind of fight.

Amir Khan has Lamont Peterson as his next opponent, two months from now. Peterson lost to Bradley on November 2009, and the Peterson fight is Khan’s farewell from the Light Welterweight division before he ventures into Welterweight territory, leading to a (hopefully) fight against Floyd Mayweather Jr. He did go after Bradley for a while, especially after beating Zab Judah, but the reluctance from Bradley turned Khan to a different direction.

Bradleys apparent reluctance to fight Khan or anyone else for that matter for his WBC title, and the WBC stripped him from the title. Opting not to take the Khan fight, despite the 1.3 million dollars guaranteed payday (and we’ll get to that later) led to a falling out with his promoter, Gary Shaw. Now, Bradley is linked to Bob Arum, promoter of Manny Pacquiao, changing what Bradley has to say.

If you ask me, It’s all about the money for Bradley. He doesn’t really care about titles, and if he’s heading into a fight he’s likely going to lose, at least he’ll get paid for it. Amir Khan has proven he’s the best in the 140 lbs weight class, and Bradley wanted more money to take the risk of losing his title belt. He didn’t get the big fight, hasn’t fought since January, and didn’t get the money.

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Recently, we’ve heard he wants a shot at Manny Pacquiao. Chances? Very small. Payday? Looking big. Amir Khan’s rise in popularity and acknowledgment in the USA (He’s very popular in the UK and among many Muslims around the world) may have changed Bradley’s mind. More money to be had, even if it’s a loss. Timothy Bradley is singing a very different tune these days – I am not ducking Amir Khan at all. Amir can talk all he wants. At 140lbs or 147lbs you will see Bradley and Khan get it on.If it makes sense, why not? That is a fight that the general public and boxing fans want to see.

Problem is for Bradley, Amir Khan, if he beats Lamont Peterson, might not be too keen on fighting Bradley anymore. He’s into Floyd Mayweather Jr. According to the Khan plan, it’s Peterson, than a preparation fight with a Welterweight and then Mayweather, if the man accepts. Don’t forget Bob Arum has his say, and he’s probably keen on getting Pacquiao – Mayweather done before he thinks of Khan (more money, you know). I wonder where Bradley figures into those plans.