Klay Thompson, Like Russell Westbrook, Has a ‘Soon Meme’ Now

Klay Thompson

So Klay Thompson, just like Russell Westbrook, now has the envious, jealous teammate ‘soon’ meme to his name, giving a special, not happy kind of look as Stephen Curry picked up his MVP award.

Westbrook, who has a few memes specializing in his ability to make weird faces (although the point guard meme is my favorite), had a similar, even more clear-cut moment of MVP-envy last year when Kevin Durant won his, or the photo made it seem like it.

The difference between Thompson and Westbrook is the perception of them. Westbrook is someone that’s easy to turn against. His disdain for talking to the media which causes perceived arrogance, or his selfish way of playing basketball.

Thompson always seems like a guy who works very hard at improving (not that Westbrook doesn’t do that) and is an excellent teammate, putting the team in front of everything. And yet maybe these guys get jealous as well when they see teammates win major awards.

Soon meme