Kobe Bryant Most Popular American Athlete? Please…

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Got a glimpse of this post from ESPN, saying that according to a recent survey Kobe Bryant is tied at first among fans with Tiger Woods as the most popular American Sports star. Two things – These polls just show how short the memory is of so called “general fans” regarding the premier stars. Just a few years ago Kobe was one of the more hated athletes in America, a PR disaster and even getting booed by Lakers fans. Even Barry Bonds didn’t get booed by his home crowd. Now his Mr. Popular? Two NBA titles and three straight Finals’ appearances do that I guess. While Shaq was still good and could back up his talk with formidable plays, he was able to brainwash sports fans into thinking Kobe was the bad guy in the whole split. Things are a tad different now.

Get ready Miami Fans, Baby Powder is coming your way
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The second thing to make of this is about LeBron James. Right now he might be public enemy number one in Cleveland and generally regarded as a coward and a douche, but if this Miami Heat move pans out and LeBron is his usual amazing-self on the court, he’ll be at that number one spot. Maybe not if you ask Cavs fans, but I’m pretty sure that most of America will forget.