All Alone

The Lone Ranger
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Thank you editor for letting in something about basketball. Well yeah, if you’ve heard, among all the World Cup news, the Boston Celtics are up 3-2, becoming the first team in this series to win back-to-back games. The defense is great, the big four are showing up, and they’re killing the Lakers in the paint (46-32). The Lakers finally won the Offensive Rebounding battle, grabbing 16 compared to the C’s 7, but hardly made something of those second chances (39.7% from the field).

The Celtics biggest victory? Kobe’s all alone in this fight. He did score 38, but it’s great for Boston that he’s doing it by himself. Let him score 50, who cares? Gasol was the only other player who scored in double-digits with 12. Bench ? 14 points. Not good enough when four of the five startes aren’t showing up. LA is a different story, but the Celtics are terrific on the road. It’s up to Gasol, Artest, Odom, Fisher and the injured Bynum to turn this thing around. Kobe, as amazing as he is, can’t do it by himself. He’s not Jordan.