Lamont Peterson Seems Scared to Fight Amir Khan Again

Amir Khan is still fighting to get the rematch he wants against Lamont Peterson, although the bad blood, flowing stronger since the fight and the appeals, isn’t the only thing in the way. Peterson appealing to the WBA, hoping it’ll overturn the rematch order, might prove just how reluctant Peterson is to fight Khan again.

While Mustafa Ameen explained his actions, saying he was correcting a scorecard mistake by one of the judges, trying to deflect and ignore the fact that he shouldn’t have even been around, Khan withdrew his IBF appeal, claiming he was not about to get a fair hearing from them.

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The WBA ordering Peterson to fight Amir Khan again or lose his Light Welterweight title belt is enough for the Brit and Golden Boy Promotions, but Peterson, who won a controversial December fight thanks to Khan getting docked points bu the referee for pushing, doesn’t seem to want a piece of Khan.

Maybe it’s still the allure of having a chance to face Manny Pacquaio, mostly meaning much more money coming his way, but it looks more like fear, or simply acknowledgment of who’s the better fights. In Washington it was a different story. But there’s no chance a rematch will happen at the Capitol, and Peterson’s chances, like it or not, just aren’t the same taking him away from that comfort zone.

Peterson won’t get the Pacquiao fight, or at least stands the smallest chance out of the foursome Bob Arum has set up. According to Arum, the opponent has already been decided upon. I don’t think it’ll be Peterson. Can he avoid Khan? Only if he wants to give up his belts, or at least one of them.