Lance Armstrong Tweeting he Doesn’t Give a F&^%

After everyone’s pretty much agreed to strip you of seven Tour de France wins, tweeting a picture of you relaxing while staring at your seven framed yellow jerseys is kinda giving the middle finger to anyone who doesn’t support Lance Armstrong.

He decided not to fight against the allegations. He decided he’ll keep on racing where he can, for whoever still lets him. Cancer patients have been inspired by him and still are, despite everything that’s been revealed and has been accepted as the official truth. Without Armstrong actually trying to defend himself, there’s no other version available.

But even with endorsements dropping out like flies and plenty of competition organizers and former sponsors saying they’ll probably ask for a lot of money back for the man who built an empire for himself and for millions of others based on lies, cheating and what has been described as the biggest sporting drug cartel ever exposed, Armstrong is staying stable, quite and clear about his intentions and view on the subject. Say whatever you want about me, I don’t give a f%$^. I won 7 times the toughest race in the world, after recovering from cancer. Allegations? Cheating? Nothing for me. I’ll beat this, and even if I won’t, I simply don’t care.

But beyond those walls, it’s impossible not to believe Armstrong is shaken up. Maybe he does believe that revealing the truth doesn’t really matter. He can’t utter the words: I cheated, I lied. So he just throws these allegations in everybody’s face and carries on living his life, partially a lie. A sad ending to what looked like a legendary cycling career; to what looked like a man greater than life, who inspired so many by simply beating the odds. Odds are not a lot of people or going to like seeing Armstrong continuing escaping and avoiding the truth.