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On LeBron James and the Cavs’ Losing Streak

It’s no big deal beating the Cleveland Cavaliers these days – Miami’s 117-90 win over LeBron James’ former team was the Cavs’ 21st consecutive loss as they finished January 0-16, the third team to finish a month with no wins while playing at least 15 games in the last 20 years. Leaving the Cleveland problems aside, the Heat are finding a groove again, with Wade, back in action, scoring 34 and James scoring 24 and adding 8 assists.

Maybe the most amazing fact about the whole Cavs – Heat situation is what happened since LeBron’s visit to Cleveland. The Cavs were 7-10 before that game while the Heat were only 11-8. James poured 38 on the Cavs, lavishing in the hatred surrounding him as the Heat won 118-90. Since then Cleveland have won only one game. One! The Heat are 23-6. Karma’s a bitch I guess. For LeBron’s and Miami’s sake, lets just hope he doesn’t tweet about it.

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Don’t think LeBron isn’t enjoying the Cavs’ terrible season, a team that had the best record in the league with James in the lineup. He may say he wishes this team the ‘best’, but there isn’t a moment of this cursed Cavaliers season James ain’t enjoying. And especially when thinking about how much Dan Gilbert is suffering. And those idiots that burned his jerseys. But I digress. This whole post started for the reason of showing LeBron’s awesome dunk on two helpless Cavaliers. There you go, enjoy. I know he did.

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