LeBron James and His Moment of Truth

I don’t think there’s any doubt about who’s the better team – The Miami Heat, without a doubt. Dallas need LeBron James to completely disappear and have a very good night from quite a few players while no one besides Wade and Bosh for three quarters step up. Miami? They almost won the game, despite everything going so wrong. Yeah, Dirk Nowitzki had a 101 fever and couldn’t make a shot until he just started driving inside. Still, the Heat can still win if Nowitzki scored 35 or 40 points. If LeBron James shows up? I don’t see Dallas handling that.

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The entire game is different if LeBron decides to play and use his talents – penetrate, be aggressive, be like he has been before the NBA finals began, be like he was against the Celtics and the Bulls. Maybe realizing that despite having Wade and Bosh and a different vibe than the Cleveland scene, it’s still so very much up to him, is what generated that awful performance in Game 4.

LeBron James himself said this is the biggest game of his career. I have to agree with him – these games keep showing up, and until he wins that NBA title, those decelerations of the ‘biggest game…’ won’t disappear. It’s time to shake off the fear, the criticism, Charles Barkley. It’s time to be LeBron James, the player everyone dreamed about when he entered the league. Yeah, everyone knows he has the skills. But this is the time to prove he’s more than just an amazing basketball player – it’s time to be a winner, on the most important time and biggest stage of all.