LeBron James Visiting Liverpool

It wasn’t only Steven Gerrard and Wayne Rooney spreading their limited flair, glamour and star power today at Anfield during the Liverpoo – Manchester United match. LeBron James, free from any NBA season to prepare for, decided to drop for a visit.

Why you ask? LeBron James is a minority stakeholder, along with his manager, Maverick Carter, at Liverpool through a deal he has with the majority owners, the Fenway Sports Group. Getting a chance to watch the side face their biggest rivals and current champions, LeBron James put on his finest Liverpool scarf and went to get some photos.

With no NBA, with LeBron James not playing in Europe probably and with these notions of a new league being built by the players not looking too serious, this is the closest we’ll get to see LeBron James to a professional sports related activity in the near future.

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