LeBron James & Big Three Sing Blurred Lines at Battioke Charity Event

Every year Shane Battier of the Miami Heat organizes a charity event called Battioke, which is pretty much a karaoke night in which his Miami Heat teammates take part to help raise money for the Take Charge Foundation. As always, the highlight was what LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh were doing. They did more than one song, but the best of it was them pulling off a decent version of Blurred Lines, the huge hit by Robin Thicke from last year.

The Battier Take Charge Foundation, which was established by Shane and Heidi, is dedicated to providing esources for the development and education of underserved youth and teens. It’s been mostly focusing on Houston (where it began when Battier was a Rockets player), Miami and Detroit. They four-year $20,000 college scholarships to what they regard as deserving young leaders.

Big Three Boy Band

In partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Miami, KIPP Academy in Houston and Chelsea High School in Heidi and Shane’s home state of Michigan, they provide at-risk students an opportunity to continue their education at the college or university of their choice.

Battier, who has been with the Miami Heat since 2011, has been able to raise more awareness to his charity thanks to joining the Big Three in Miami, allowing him to bring James, Wade and Bosh to his events and give it a lot more exposure through people who want to see famous basketball stars sing and wear funny outfits.