LeBron James vs Blake Griffin – Still Can’t Decide Which Was the Better Dunk

LeBron James OVER John Lucas. Blake Griffin ON Kendrick Perkins. It’s been what, two weeks almost since those two gave us the best dunks of the season and perhaps in a bigger time frame than that, and in the usual human affliction of trying to rank everything, an answer as to what was the better dunk still hasn’t sprung to my mind.

Well, it all has to do with the Dunk contest we’ll be having pretty soon. Griffin won’t be defending his title. LeBron is hinting he’ll give it a go, although he’s been doing this dunk-teasing for a few years now. I don’t see it happening right now, but who knows.

Dunk contests, more often than not, tend to be popularity contests. Blake Griffin didn’t produce the best dunks last year, but he had hype behind him, good enough to pull him through and win on that over the car dunk, which wasn’t THAT impressive. Nice show, but not the best of the night.

As to the better dunker? In general, I think I prefer LeBron. He’s about power, like Griffin, but with an added twist. More athletic, a bit more creativity. Jumping over people makes quite a statement as well, more than posterizing players in my book, no matter how hard Griffin jammed that one.

In the moment, I was more impressed with Griffin’s dunk. More power, the Clippers were destroying the Thunder. It had more of a WoW to it. LeBron James? It looked much better the longer you were away from it. The moment itself didn’t really focus on the dunk. The Bulls – Heat rivalry was more the thing at the moment. Later on? Two weeks from that? I think James’ dunk will have the edge on the end of the year lists.