LeBron James Blocks Tiago Splitter – Best of the Playoffs, Best of His Career

For about two and a half quarters, it wasn’t the expected performance from LeBron James, once again struggling to score against the San Antonio Spurs. But during the Miami Heat’s late third-quarter run that turned into a fourth quarter rout, James pulled off his most incredible dunk, by blocking Tiago Splitter on his way to a rim shattering dunk.

James is known for some spectacular blocks during his career; in the Pacers series he had one very impressive rejection on George Hill, masking his approach to the basket. But that was a point guard, not a 6’11 center, coming straight at him. James positioned himself perfectly at the rim, and couldn’t have made a cleaner contact. There was also quite an amazing block by Nate Robinson on LeBron James himself in the conference semifinals, but that’s in a different category, of amazing feats by little guys.

The Miami Heat ended up winning 103-84, making it a 1-1 tie in the NBA finals, with James pulling off another impressive stat line of 17 points, 8 rebounds, 7 assists, 3 steals and 3 blocks.

LeBron James Blocks Tiago Splitter

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