LeBron James Decision – Miami Heat & Cleveland Cavaliers Waiting

LeBron James, Heat, Cavs

Still no white smoke from the palace of LeBron James, as his Decision 2.0 seems now to whittle down into two choices: Either staying with the Miami Heat or going back to the Cleveland Cavaliers, the team he started out with when he entered the NBA.

Some say that the 2014 free agency is worse than the 2010 ‘Decision’ saga. Then, James had a prime time slot waiting for him. He booked it in advance. He had set a date to announce his decision. This, all anyone has going is speculations and tweets from national and beat writers, who seem to be throwing every theory possible out there just to cover all bases, and say they were right all along about where he’s going.

James, on paper, isn’t just about the Heat and the Cavs. The Lakers have talked to him, and so have the Mavs and Rockets. However, it seems that we’re being led to believe that it’s going to come down between the two teams he has a history with – either the team he “betrayed” after seven seasons or the franchise he took to four consecutive NBA finals, winning two of them.

The Cavs seem to have youth on their side. Right now it’s Kyrie Irving and Andrew Wiggins that make this such an interesting prospect for James, but also Tristan Thompson and Anderson Varejao. The Cleveland Cavaliers will need to move some assets in order to make room for James’ max salary, which means someone like Dion Waiters could find himself playing elsewhere, although that might also apply to Jarrett Jack, who the Cavaliers are trying to move desperately.

The Miami Heat right now have very few things to entice James with, except prospects. Chris Bosh and Dwyane will allegedly come hurrying back if they hear LeBron Jame returning. Josh McRoberts and Danny Granger have been signed. This team is making moves to show James there’s plenty of reasons for him to stick around.

There’s a rumor going around that James is asking the teams going after him to add Mike Miller and Ray Allen to the deal. It’s hard to confirm with some many different versions of the truth out there, but that makes sense. James has the power to be almost like a general manager. The league tried to prevent that during the 2011 CBA negotiations, but the best in the league have the power and authority to make free agency completely frozen, waiting for them to make up their minds.

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