Photo of the Day – LeBron James, Time to Step Up

LeBron James

Image: Source

Just five days ago, and it seemed like the Cavs were rollin’. The press was praising, MVP was doing everything, the Cleveland Cavaliers looked like everyone expected them to, destroying Boston with a perfect first quarter. Fast Forward to today, and you get this story on Yahoo and many others across the web ripping LeBron a new one.

Tomorrow, and it might be the final game LeBron plays as a Cavalier. I believe, being a big believer in loyalty for your club and the symbol (growing up on eating & drinking soccer, excuse me, football, does that to you, although things aren’t much better there), that LeBron will eventually stay in Ohio. I also still believe they have the best team in the league and should beat the Celtics and anyone else.

Question is, does he have, like his team, that is completely reliant on the energy and confidence James radiates on the court, anything left in him? Last night his spirit seemed crushed, dead. Maybe it’s the injury, maybe the Celtics frustrated him too much with excellent defense, maybe it’s something else. I’m not a Cavs fan, but I would like to see James win one already, or the downward rumors spiral and criticism will get stronger and louder. Watching his face, that face in the picture, I can’t help but wonder if his focus is a little off and another major letdown is coming on Thursday.