LeBron James Gets Mad at Mario Chalmers Before Apologizing (Video)

Despite the win over the Indiana Pacers, what a lot of people will remember from the Miami Heat’s win is LeBron James going after Mario Chalmers on the bench before later on apologizing to his point guard, realizing he might have taken the normal argument a step too far.

Chalmers is always a focal point of Heat players shouting and being frustrated. Hell, there’s even an excellent Tumblr blog about it. But at the end of the day (as British soccer players love to say), Chalmers has been a vital piece of the Miami Heat making the finals over the last three years, and James, Wade and Bosh appreciate his importance to the team.

The case in hand came with Chalmers leaving Paul George on the fast break, allowing the Pacers to sink a three pointer that got LeBron James all riled up. He was already angry about it on the floor before going off to the bench, but while sitting and fuming Chalmers walked up to him and said something that took him over the edge.

The two didn’t come to blows or anything too serious, but James leapt at Chalmers with the two exchanging pleasantries, and it seemed like teammates were holding both of them back. The Heat actually went on a nice run after that heated moment, so many it actually benefited them. Besides the twitter announcemnts that everything is cool between the two, the camera caught James apologizing to Chalmers shortly afterwards.