LeBron James & Miami Heat Harlem Shake

Yes, the Harlem Shake has gone on from being this cool trendy thing to more than a little bit annoying, but when really famous people like LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and the rest of the Miami Heat do it and send it around the web, it’s still a little bit exciting.

Especially when the stars actually are the ones that are dancing, and not having fans jump around them instead. The Birdman, Chris Andersen leads the way, but when the bass line drops and everyone gets into it, LeBron James, wearing an arrogant (in humor, I’m sure) King’s outfit takes the lead for the dance-athon.

Chris Bosh looks wacky as ever, Norris Cole looks like he was brought from the early 1990’s in some rap video while Mario Chalmers has the best costume of all, dressed up as the world’s most famous fantasy plumber, who also gets to share a name with him.