LeBron James Most Popular NBA Jersey; Chicago Bulls Most Popular Team Merchandise

LeBron James, Derrick Rose

From April 2014 and through the last 12 months, LeBron James is the most popular NBA player when it comes to jerseys, followed by Stephen Curry and Kobe Bryant, while the Chicago Bulls, Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors from the top 3 in team merchandise sales.

Last year’s MVP, Kevin Durant, is fourth on the list and Derrick Rose, who has had a semi successful comeback this season from two very long years of repeated injuries, is fifth. The Cavaliers, Clippers and the Oklahoma City Thunder are the only teams with two players in the top 15. Tim Duncan is the only player from the NBA champions San Antonio Spurs in the top 15.

As for team merchandise, despite being small market teams, the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Spurs are in the top 10, which makes sense considering the Thunder have two of the most popular players in the NBA while the Spurs are the defending NBA champions.

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