LeBron James and Pat Riley – Karaoke Extraordinaires

LeBron James as Rick James?  Pat Riley channeling The Temptations? Anything can happen when NBA teams hold charity events, and some awful and some better singing came out from Shane Battier’s charity event, showing us that a two games losing streak doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world in Miami.

The South Beach Battioke was the latest even organized by Battier’s Take Charge foundation, which is mostly about giving educational opportunities to at-risk students.

The Battiers, Shane and Heidi, have been running this foundation for the past two years, with the initial focus starting at Houston, Memphis and Detroit.

And about the singing? Well, LeBron James doesn’t really sing very well, but at least he was enthusiastic. Enthusiasm has to count for something, right? Pat Riley wasn’t as awful in my opinion, but at 67, the hops don’t seem to be part of his agenda in these kind of functions.

And the Heat? Well, seeing these things just goes to show that the world doesn’t end because of two tough losses. There are more important things in life, and taking things in proportion, despite all the attention this team gets and sport do in general, is probably the right way to live.