Is LeBron James Enjoying the Villain Role?

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There’s no better team in the NBA right now than the Heat, winning 21 of their last 22 and after the Celtics loss last night, both teams are tied at top of the Eastern conference. Marc Stein even put them at the top of his power rankings yesterday. Yes, over the 31-6 San Antonio Spurs. All the criticism about the Heat during the beginning of the season has been silenced, with the Wade-Bosh-LeBron trio working in incredible efficiency on both ends of the court. And especially LeBron.

He’s been the best player in the league during the last month and probably this season in the league. Wether he’ll win the MVP or not is a different question, also based on his low popularity numbers around the league. The ‘Villain’ tag doesn’t seem to bother him. He actually seems to relish the jeers and boos. Here’s an example from the other night in Portland, with LeBron taking over in overtime, leading the Heat to a 107-100 win, scoring 44 points.