LeBron James With the Best Pre-Game Dunk Ever

While what LeBron James has been doing this season has been quite remarkable in terms of the continuing development of his all-around game and MVP status, sometimes it’s about the flash, like an incredible off the glass, between the legs, 360 dunk he pulled off in a warmup session to a game.

While James refused from day 1 to participate in the dunk contest, there’s always been a discussion on whether or not he’s the best dunker in the NBA. It’s usually more about power when it comes to his aerial performances, but there’s no doubt that one of the best athletes in the league can pull off spectacular dunks at times.


Maybe it’s a compensation for those looking for him to take part in the All-Star weekend in more than just the actual game, or maybe it was a way of showing the Heat fans they should appreciate what Cleveland couldn’t hold on to two and a half years ago. Whatever the reason is, there’s no doubt that it might have been the highlight of the season if not a larger time span if he would have pulled it off in a game.