Lewis Dunk Scores Greatest Own Goal of All Time?

Things weren’t exactly going smoothly for Brighton in their 1-6 FA Cup defeat at Anfield against Liverpool. While it was expected that the Seagulls wouldn’t be coming back with a ticket to the next round, conceding six and scoring three own goals along the way, with Lewis Dunk scoring an absolute laugher, didn’t help the moods on the trip back home.

It was the 73rd minute, with Liverpool already 4-1 ahead, as Dunk mishandled a cross from the left. Stopping it on his chest, he tried to balance the ball with his knee before clearing, but the ball bounced badly (for him) off the knee, finding itself in the net, making it 5-1.

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The Brighton defense was panicky all through the match, even during the early stretches when it was a stunning and undeserving 1-1. Liverpool kept coming with crosses and a blitz that simply didn’t stop even when the win was long secure. Maybe to many home draws of 0-0 and 1-1 just got Kenny Dalglish to tell his players to keep it up, getting some goals and scoring confidence back, especially for Luis Suarez and even more so for Andy Carroll, who has only 3 league goals in 23 appearances this season.

Liam Bridcutt scored two own goals himself, while Martin Skrtel, and Luis Suarez scored the other two goals. Liverpool will meet in FA Cup quarter finals.