Lionel Messi – How Much Does he Run During Matches

Adidas released date of the Micoach chip that was installed in Lionel Messi’s boot during the friendly match between Germany and Argentina, giving everyone a little taste and perspective as to how the best footballer in the world (according to some) spends his time on the pitch.

Just for the overall background – Argentina beat Germany 3-1 in that friendly, mostly thanks to Germany’s keeper Ron-Robert Zieler getting sent off 31 minutes into the match. Messi actually missed the penalty kick that followed, but Germany were pretty much out of the match from that point. Sami Khedira scored an own goal just before half time, Lionel Messi made it 2-0 with his 27th goal for the national team in 71 appearances before Angel Di Maria scored a screamer from 30 meters out. Germany got a bit of a consolation goal through Benedikt Höwedes.

And now, to business, and the number most wanted to see – How much does Messi run in a match? Mind you, this was a friendly, while Messi was positioned a bit differently than he usually is for Barcelona. Messi played the entire 90 minutes, clocking up a total of 8.5 kilometers. Most of the time? You guessed it – walking, for about 70% of the match. The more impressive numbers comes when you count the sprints he makes.

Messi covered covered just under 1 kilometer during the match with hi-intensity running, meaning sprints, which he had 44 of. His top speed? 30.71 kilometers per hour, which if he could maintain for 100 meters, would translate into 11.7 seconds. Nothing close to Usain Bolt or even the fastest footballer on the planet, but pretty impressive nonetheless.