Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo Finally Together

No official date yet, no official anything. But all signs are indicating that through a charity match organized by Rivaldo, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo will play together, for the first time, on the same team.

Rivaldo, a former Barcelona player, is organizing a charity football match, in which he wants players from both teams, Real Madrid and Barcelona, to come together and play on one of the sides. There hasn’t been an official confirmation, but it has been reported that both players have shown acceptance to the idea and could feature in the same team line-up.

Rivaldo, currently playing for Kabuscorp in Angola (the things you do to prolong your career and fatten your bank account), played for Barcelona between 1997 and 2002, winning two league titles and scoring a few famous goals for the team. He attended the most recent Clasico in both an opportunity to catch some quality and football and send feelers out regarding the invites to the charity match.

Whoever does choose to play, it’ll all be eclipsed by the news, when it becomes official, of Messi and Ronaldo playing on the same pitch together. Rivalries between clubs? Has been going on forever. But between players, the two best in the world, playing in the same time, both at their peaks, while doing their thing for the biggest rivals in the world? Sometimes coincidences create such things.

It’s never been clear how much of an actual rivalry there is between the players themselves, but from hints in the media and some interactions on the pitch or after matches have convinced many that there is not a lot of love between the two. Ronaldo doesn’t really like anyone in direct competition with him for the individual awards, while Messi, according to some rumors, isn’t exactly a big fan of the Real Madrid star’s behavior on and off the pitch.